Saturday 19 November 2011

One is enough

Wyn Grant keeps implying I have one sherbet too many, writes Paul May.   All right, I may have had the old technicolour yawn this morning, but I am here at a sunny Griffin Park to report on all the action for you.   Chris Powell has reverted to what he regards as his strongest side this afternoon with Ephraim on the bench.
Llera’s first touch was greeted with a few derisive jeers by the Addickted.    A ball in by Wright-Phillips from a move started in midfield involving Kermorgant led to an early corner for Charlton.   Jackson’s effort was ultimately unproductive.
Ben Hamer made a good save down to his left on a ground that is very familiar to him after the first real attack of the game.    Alexander was putting some pressure on the Charlton defence, getting round Morrison a couple of times.    There was quite a midfield battle going on much of the time.
Morrison put the ball out for a Bees corner, having misjudged the bounce of the ball.   Charlton were able to clear from the corner, Hamer holding his ground well as Donaldson piled in and getting a good fist to the ball.
Brentford  won a second corner after the ball was deflected off the backside of Hughes.     Logan’s header at the far post was off target.   On the whole, however, the Bees were the better side in the opening exchanges.
The Addicks won their second corner of the afternoon, but Lee dealt well with the effort by Green.
Charlton were starting to make more progress in the midfield battles and were putting together some better moves.   The Bees fans were annoyed when Alexander was deemed offside as his bore down on Hamer.
A shot from the Bees came off the woodwork on 25 minutes and went out of play.   Their move started with a mistake by Solly in midfield.
Charlton got a corner to the annoyance of the home fans who thought the officials were against them, but Lee leapt to collect the ball.  The Bees counter attacked, but Taylor blocked the shot and then Jackson cleared for a throw in.
The Bees won a corner after a shot deflected off Hughes.   The ball went out of play and came back in again which the referee spotted.     The Bees were maintaining the pace with which they had been playing.
Morrison delivered a push in the back giving the Bees a free kick some 20 yards out.   The effort went into the wall.   Intelligent work by Morrison caught the Bees offside.
After Solly had not stood up strongly enough, Brentford failed to use a scoring opportunity. 
Charlton had failed to create one serious scoring opportunity against three for Brentford.  Some of our tackling was disappointing.
Half time: Bees 0, Addicks 0
Within a minute Green won a corner for Charlton with a good ball in, but it was headed away at the near post by Donaldson.    The Addicks looked as if they had shifted up a gear.
Morrison did well to take the ball away from Donaldson.   He then had to take the ball away from Alexander.
A ball in from Solly led to a Charlton corner in front of the Addickted.    Green’s poor effort went on the roof of the net.
Wright-Phillips attacked and Logan went down from a collision with his own keeper seemingly knocked out, the stretcher came on and a neck brace came out.  It was clearly a nasty injury.
Wright-Phillips scored his 14th goal of the season from a few yards out making use of a good ball from Green as Lee and Llera had a misunderstanding to put the Addicks ahead.
The Bees won a corner which went from Saunders into the arms of Hamer.   McGinn was replaced by former Addick Myles Weston.   I remember seeing him in the reserves at Welling, but he never made the first team and was let go in 2007.  Morrison had to concede a corner which led to a goal kick.
Jackson stayed down after a collision with a Charlton player, having caught his foot in the turf, but the referee took no notice, admittedly the skipper was off the field.   Signals were made for the substitution and Ephraim came on for his Charlton debut.   Jackson limped off, seemingly have a problem with his right thigh.
Brentford made their third substitution.    A corner  from Green led to a second which Lee collected. 
A shot by Wright-Phillips was deflected for a corner.   There were appeals for a handball, but the referee waved them away.   Wiggins was booked for time wasting.   Donaldson made a claim for a foul, but nothing was given.   Then the Brentford substitute got a card for a foul on Hamer.  The Charlton defence remained calm and controlled, playing more effectively than in the first half.
Ten minutes were added on.    Charlton took a corner short which led to a second chance which was collected.    Douglas added to his collection of yellow cards for a foul on Kermorgant.   Green came off and was replaced by Wagstaff.  
Brentford were awarded a corner which led to a second.    Weston’s effort went to the far post and was punched away by Hamer for a third which Hollands headed up into the air.   This time the corner was taken short and Charlton cleared to the halfway line.
Hamer made a good save as the Bees buzzed forward.    Solly invited the challenge and got a free kick.   Hughes took it short to Wagstaff.    Hamer came out to stop an attempt  by Alexander, he stayed down and there was a frank exchange of views between Alexander and Morrison.   The referee went across to have a chat with the linesman.    He called over several different players.  Morrison was shown a yellow card as was Alexander.
The whistle was eventually blown and Charlton had ground out the result to maintain their promotion challenge.

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