Sunday 27 November 2011

See the conquering heroes come!

Ron Knee takes a break from his duties managing Neasden FC in the North Circular Relegation League to share his thoughts on the illustrious visit of Huddersfield Town to The Valley tomorrow:

I must admit I don't go south of the river very much.   That's what we say in the cab trade: 'Sorry, guv, I don't go south of the river.'   In football terms it's places like our rivals Dollis Hill I am familiar with.

However, even I may go south of the river in spirit tomorrow night, that it to say with a bottle of scotch and some extra strong cider as a chaser in front of my television set.   It will be a rare chance to see the team that has electrified English football: Huddersfield Town.

By some strange quirk of fate, Huddersfield have never played in the Premiership.   Personally, I think the rot started when it was known that Harold Wilson was a supporter.   Another blow was the system of only one point for a draw when, in fairness to Huddersfield, it should be two points for a home draw at least.

It will be a few months yet before Huddersfield can claim the League 1 title that is rightly theirs.  It's a mystery to yours truly how they managed to lose two play off games, but there are some officials who have it in for any team from Yorkshire.

Of course, there was a time when the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea graced The Valley.  Huddersfield have to play a few games yet before they overtake Arsenal's unbeaten record, but that should be a formality.   As for whether United or Huddersfield are the greater team, I guess the jury is still out, but at least Town don't have fancy dan foreign managers like Chelsea.   Their sort wouldn't last a minute in the North Circular Relegation League where only real men play.   Just like Huddersfield in fact.

Despite their great successes, it hasn't all gone to the heads of the Huddersfield players.   Jordan Rhodes could probably win the game on his own (at least that is what The Football League Paper says today). 

However, Rhodes is such a sporting gent that he does not want to upset the South London losers ahead of the game so he has said that Charlton may actually have a chance of winning.   He has said, 'We go to Charlton trying our best to get a result and to keep the run going.   But if you said we'd get beat there and win promotion at the end of the season, I think everybody at Huddersfield Town would snap your hand off.'
What a geezer, thinking about the feelings of the minnows and their supporters!

As for the result, Huddersfield are a very cultured team who don't like to humiliate their opponents.   It's more about quality play.   Charlton have actually scored more in total, although Town have only let in six away from home.

So I think we are in for a match in which Huddersfield exhibit their quality, but win by a single goal.

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