Friday 25 May 2012

14 years since that day

It is 14 years today since the 'greatest game' when Charlton beat Sunderland on penalties to get promoted to the Premiership. Some of the Addickted couldn't watch and descended into the bowels of a decrepit Wembley until they heard the cheers. When I got home my neighbour, who supports Coventry City, rushed out to greet us. An ITV newsreader announced with a look of surprised horror on her face that the 'tiny' London club had been promoted.

You can read my thoughts at the time here (you need to scroll down): Wembley

We've had some ups and downs since then, and some grim times, but today we can once more be proud of the club and what it has achieved under Chris Powell. Richard Murray always used to think there would one day be a Premiership B and that's where would be. Such a model would have involved fewer clubs in the top and second tier, but in a sense the Championship is a de facto Premiership B.

Not much news at the moment, all summed by an official tweet the other day. 'Quiet day at the training ground. Not much happening.

The Times is featuring a house in Crystal Palace in its property section today. It doesn't look a very good buy anyway, but the downsides forget to mention the locale.


  1. I read your thoughts via the link. You certainly came over as a fan of Sasa Ilic.
    After fourteen years i wonder if it's safe to say, i never rated Ilic. I always thought he was a poor keeper and was delighted when he was displaced by Kiely.
    Never in the history of football has a keeper 'kept a clean sheet' Teams achieve that and we were fortunate that we had a terrific team(Sasa excepted)in 1998
    If you look at his career after Charlton. It does bear out my opinion.

    1. I think you're right. I was just delighted at the time, but it was actually an easy penalty to save. Deano was much a better keeper.