Monday 7 May 2012

Who he?

The latest Sunday Times Sport Rich List names Trevor Hemmings as the owner of both Preston North End and Charlton Athletic. Even the journos at News International papers should know that you can't own two clubs under Football League rules, but no doubt the list was checked by some unpaid intern.

Hemmings is the majority shareholder in Preston North End. He is very much into the gee gees and owns a large string of racehorses, reputedly even more nags than our very own John Window. This report is a bit dated but it gives some idea of where his wealth comes from: Hemmings.

Hemmings was born in Woolwich and he certainly had a stake in the Addicks at one time (and reportedly in Rangers as well although he is probably regretting that). He certainly wasn't in the parade of owners on Saturday but he may be providing some backing behind the scenes out of a sentimental attachment to his home area.

We don't really know who owns the club and to be honest I am not concerned as I am less preoccupied with transparency than the fashionable view requires. But they rescued it from the brink of administration and they have run it well, choosing Chris Powell as manager against a background of concern about his inexperience and arguments that it was a crowd pleasing decision. Gratitude is a commodity in short supply in football, but I am certainly grateful to them, whoever they all are.

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