Thursday 17 May 2012

Sir Chris becomes pundit

Chris Powell will be a pundit for Sky Sports at the League One play-off final between Huddersfield Town and Sheffield United. He is also going to the play off final between Blackpool and West Ham United, although not as a pundit. In this way he will get a first look at two teams we will be playing next season.

I will be backing West Ham in the Championship final. My father was born in North Woolwich (admittedly part of Woolwich in those days) and before he moved to Eltham he was a West Ham United supporter. Once he moved to the Progress Estate, his cousin introduced him to Addicktion, although he continued to play for the predecessor club of East Ham United. He went to the first FA Cup final at Wembley to support West Ham. I also think that West Ham treated us better than Crystal Palace for the short time we were tenants at Upton Park, although almost anything would have been an improvement on Selhurst.

The League One play off final is more difficult as I have very good friends who support both teams. However, my preference is for Sheffield United as it would prevent more big headed celebrating by the Massives, although no doubt their fans would point out that the Blades are the smaller club.

In any case I can't watch either game as I don't have Sky. Although there is now a way round Warwick Council's ban on satellite dishes, I wouldn't have enough time to watch it to justify the subscription.

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