Sunday 20 May 2012

Northern parts

Following the promotion of West Ham, the only teams from the capital in the Championship next season will be the three rival clubs from South London. Watford are on the fringes of London - and could be one possibility for a relegation struggle next year.

Ten of the teams are from Yorkshire, Lancashire and Cleveland meaning some long trips for the Addickted who go regularly to away games. However, no trip will be as long as Carlisle, but that was well worth the trouble for those who went.

There are also five teams in the Midlands, plus two from the East of England, one from Wales, one from the West of England (friendly Bristol City), one from the south coast - and Watford.

West Ham were designated as a 'massive' team yesterday but have now left the division. At the time of writing three clubs have been described as 'massive': Blackburn Rovers, Cardiff City and the Jupiter-size massives, Sheffield Wednesday. Presumably that's all three promotion spots accounted for, but no doubt other clubs will be added to the list of massive over time.

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