Wednesday 9 May 2012

Massive celebrations in Sheffield

There were massive celebrations in Sheffield last night as thousands of fans poured into the city centre to celebrate the achievements of Sheffield Wednesday who will be on temporary loan to the Championship pending their return to the Premier League: Massive

The Guardian has published a set of reports from League 1 bloggers (Kish representing Charlton). The Owls representative says, apparently without irony, that it has been a 'massive' season for their club. Interestingly, the Blades representative says that their best away trip was to Charlton and praises our fans. More here: Bloggers

Some Charlton fans have suggested that we should have had a civic celebration in Greenwich. However, the Council has other things on its mind such as the Olympics. Also, Charlton fans are much more geographically dispersed, although I made it to SE7 when we first went up to the Premiership and I still have the flag I bought that day. I also think that our own celebrations were excellent and done in a Charlton style, expressing our faith in the club but without being arrogant.

Following last night's win by Blackpool, Birmingham City and Cardiff City are two of the allegedly smaller clubs the Massives will be facing.

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