Friday 11 May 2012

Pritchard gets international call up

Bradley Pritchard has been hoping for some time to get in the Zimbabwe international squad and now he has got his call up as the team prepares for the next Africa Cup of Nations. There are 30 named players, so it's only the first step but it couldn't have happened to a more popular player. He applauded the East Stand with real fervour after last Saturday's game. More here: Pritchard

Elsewhere Charlton fans are giving financial backing to another 'tiny' club as Dingwall based Ross County prepare for Scottish Premier League action. Read how Addicks fans are helping the Staggies here: Staggies

On the massiveness front, when I took my car in for its MoT yesterday the service manager said that my use of it was 'not massive'. I almost felt like telling him I didn't support Sheffield Wednesday either. Reports after an incident on the M1 near Sheffield said that delays were 'not massive'. The word is clearly catching on.

However, the plan to tweet news of Sheffield Wednesday's progress to a planet twenty light years away allegedly inhabited by super intelligent giant owls has run into problems after it was realised that the Massives would have been relegated by the time the initial news got there.

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