Thursday 3 May 2012

Super Alan Pardew: the hero of the hour

The media have a tendency to go overboard on whatever they see as the story of the moment. Earlier in the season it was draw specialists Huddersfield or the claim that Spurs would win the Premiership title. More recently, the two Sheffield clubs have been the subject of fascinated adulation. Now the hero of the hour is Super Alan Pardew, the subject of a two page spread in The Times today.

I was tempted to end the story here and you use the old media ploy of saying 'here is a blank page for your children to write on' when something went wrong in the production process. However, it is worth considering why The Times thinks that SAP is the 'only one credible winner' of the Manager of the Season title.

Admittedly, some objections are considered. It is pointed out that some might think that the award should go to the scouts at Newcastle which found such talents as Cabaye, Tioté and Cisse. There are also those who think that the silver fox already has a big enough ego: 'Perhaps even some of Pardew's peer group in management might fear that such an honour will cause a renewed outbreak of what we might politely call self-confidence - or preening ego if you prefer - that became his reputation in those days when he cruised around in a Ferrai.'

Then there is the matter of unfashionable little London club. It is admitted that 'Fans at Charlton Athletic still struggle to make sense of it all. They remember Pardew as a man who spent big money, certainly by their standards, and failed dismally.' It is pointed out that he was sacked at West Ham when the then chairman talked of 'cutting off a cancer' and then at Southampton.

From a Charlton perspective I suppose that one can say that Pardew inherited a poisoned chalice from Iain Dowie. But then in the season after relegation we were on track for a play off place, he decided to change the team around and we sank to mid-table.

I'm just glad to have Chris Powell in charge.

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  1. In his defence (what am I doing) his chopping and changing was to avoid the play offs by finishing higher than third, now lower than 6th (11th).