Monday 7 May 2012

Massives calling planet GJ667Cc

Planet GJ667Cc is twenty light years away from Earth and it is thought that it has the potential to support life. Now as part of the 18th International Symposium on Electronic Art, a plan has been hatched to beam Twitter messages at the hapless inhabitants of the planet. If you want to enter the Twitterverse, you will need to add the hashtag #tweetinspace.

If there is any intelligent life on the planet, they won't think they have encountered another intelligent race when they start receiving this electronic garbage. Indeed, they may well think they have encountered a race of morons whose intellectual reach is limited to 140 characters and spend all their time slagging each other off or are obsessed with the religious figures known as 'celebrities'.

What is the Jubilee Line and why does it keep breaking down? What is the evil force known as Southeastern Trains? Who are the two rival warlords, Boris and Dave? And what is a dancing cat?

However, there may be a way of impressing these aliens. I don't know much about this planet but it could well be massive. Surely then they would be impressed by hearing about such a huge club as Sheffield Wednesday and its feat of coming second in League 1?

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