Friday 15 January 2021

Charlton too big for League One

New signing Ronnie Schwartz thinks that Charlton are too big a club for League One:

Like, I think, all fans, I would like to be out of this league and back in the competitive and more exciting Championship.  However, no club has a right to be in any division on the basis of how big a club they are, in any case a difficult thing to measure.  Just ask Sunderland.

It's not an easy league to get out of.   My prediction for our position halfway through the season for the West Sussex Badger League was 8th.  In fact we are 7th.  For the end of the season I have chosen 5th which I think is possible.

I always thought promotion was at best 40-60, not because of the manager.  Rather the club suffered from its 'owners' over the summer and then got caught out by the salary cap.


  1. I make Ronnie right. We cannot continue in this crap league, especially with the impact of the 'salary cap'
    We need promotion this year, it's still possible if the manager stops his nonsense formations and playing people out of position.
    Or we get a more intelligent manager in.

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  2. Sure. Insulting our manager will make everything better. Yawn.

  3. I'm sure he can take it, after all he likes to throw out public insults about his players