Saturday 9 January 2021

Seething supremo lets rip

Seething supremo Lee Bowyer would like to carry out major surgery on his squad, presumably in some cases including a footballing brain and a fresh set of legs.  However, he is constrained by the salary cap:

Meanwhile, the sullen supremo let fly at this players last night:

I appreciate that he was really angry, but I think this sort of message is better delivered in private rather than to the media.

Richard Cawley of the SLP has commented: 'I've got to say I don't think Lee Bowyer doesn't care about the welfare of his players. I just think he was absolutely raging at the performance the team put in. Spoke for almost 20 minutes in his post-match with non-TV media - could tell he was just so disappointed.'

Some fans have also expressed their disappointment and anger in no uncertain terms.


  1. Publicly tearing into individuals is guaranteed to create anger, distrust and disrespect.
    It's a sure sign Bowyer has lost the plot.
    He thinks some of his players aren't aggressive enough to go into risky tackles in the way he did when he played. What he needs to realise is different players have different attributes.
    We had a player in the Premiership years who couldn't run, couldn't head the ball and certainly couldn't tackle. But Curbs loved him for his set-piece delivery.................
    Claus Jensen.

  2. The pundit(Big Sam, but not that one) was critical of his outburst on the Football League Show this morning, albeit noting that managers have a microphone thrust in their face just after the match. If possible, he should take five minutes to simmer down and then speak to players privately.