Monday 11 January 2021

No return for Lasplie

George Lapslie is in form at Mansfield having scored a sixth goal at the weekend but Lee Bowyer has no intention of recalling him.  Indeed, Charlton have already stated that they will let him go on a free transfer:

The shell shocked supremo complained about a lack of physicality from his players against Accrington on Friday, but unfortunately in League One you do encounter big lads who put themselves about while any protection from referees is inconsistent.

I have no intention of joining Desmond from Deal's 'Bowyer Out Now' crowd.   It's not Australian rules with coaches on the pitch so you can't prevent Jason Pearce making a schoolboy error.

However, as Curbs says, consistent sides get consistent results.   I appreciate that Bowyer is still reeling from the mayhem created by Duchatelet and his dubious successors and I thought that the odds were against promotion this year.   

Nevertheless, some older, wiser and more experienced heads might help without returning to a duopoly as many of us recall.  (Gritt and Curbishley) We don't need four technical advisers plus Jonathan Acworth as fans' representative in the dugout, but Bowyer needs to listen to advice from those with more experience.

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