Tuesday 19 January 2021

Defensive errors cost Charlton

Two defensive errors in the second half saw Charlton surrender a 1-0 first half lead against Peterborough to lose 2-1 at London Road.  The pitch looked as if it had been prepared for a ploughing match and it was a scrappy game but the league's leading scorer, Johnson Clarke-Harris, pounced when give the opportunity.   

Given that the Posh have won six of their eight games at home it cannot be said to be a surprising result, but it is still disappointing.  I predicted 2-1 in the West Sussex Badger League.

Alan Curbishley said on Valley Pass in relation to the first Peterborough goal: 'They allow it to bounce and that's where the indecision comes in. That's what happened here at Rochdale - it bounced and Pearce didn't deal with it'.

Charlton started with a 4-4-2 formation. An early Maatsen shot went over the bar. There were plenty of free kicks which were a result of the conditions and a fussy referee.

A Forster-Caskey free kick went into the box and Pearce was dragged down. The Cromwellian keeper Pym got a yellow card for his protests. Washington scored from the spot with a kick into the bottom iright-hand corner.

The home side showed more urgency and Amos had to clear. A free kick was conceded by Charlton in a dangerous position. It was a difficult ball to deal with and Forster-Caskey put in a vital defensive header.

Maatsen provided good defensive work to deal with Kanu. Forster-Caskey got a yellow card for a clash of heads.

HT: Posh 0, Addicks 1

With Butler in agony, Millar got a yellow card. Smyth got a yellow card as Taylor displayed his theatrical talents. Millar won a free kick and Charlton had a great chance to go 2-0 ahead from the Forster-Caskey free kick, but Gunter headed the ball over rather than down into the ground.

Inevitably Peterborough counter attacked. After 65 minutes in which Charlton has defended well, the two centre halves failed to communicate with each other and Clarke-Harris burst through to score.

Shell shocked supremo Bowyer took off Bogle and Washington and brought on Aneke and Schwartz, but neither saw much action. Oshilaja defended well.

Forster-Caskey was taken off in favour of Shinnie. Almost immediately the ball was taken off him, allowing Clarke-Harris to forge forward and score again. After that Charlton's play became more ragged, despite a last through of the dice with two more substitutions. Peterborough had no trouble in holding on to their lead, although Amos had to make a great save to prevent it becoming 3-1.

In the five minutes added on, there was still time for Pratley to add to his collection of yellow cards.

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