Monday 4 January 2021

Charlton's support base

I'm always cautious about self-selected surveys rather than ones based on a sampling frame, although it has to be admitted that those frames seem to be working less well because of response biases.   In any event, at least the latest CAST survey of Charlton fans had over 1,000 responses:

It's no surprise that they are overwhelmingly positive about the future under new owner Thomas Sandgaard, but some of the other information is very interesting, given that we often have very little systematic information about who supports a football club.   

The club does, of course, have some data about season ticket holders, particularly where they live.  According to this survey, 75 per cent live in London and the South-East.   I would be quite interested in a home boroughs/elsewhere in the GLC area/Kent breakdown.

Respondents were 89 per cent male which possibly understates the part of the support base that is not male.  96 per cent defined themselves as white British.   It is probably not too far off the actual figure.

Thomas Sandgaard has said there is a challenge about diversity.   This is not about being 'politically correct', it is about attracting potential supporters living within ten to fifteen miles of The Valley.

I agree that 'Perhaps the most interesting result is the strength of feeling about playing at The Valley, given Charlton's unique history in leaving then returning to the stadium. Among those under 24, three quarters (76%) agreed that they would find it hard to support Charlton if they were not playing at The Valley. Feeling was also quite strong among those aged 55+.  However, among those aged 35-44, a slight majority (54%) disagreed with the statement.'

This is a useful corrective for someone of my generation, giving that my support for Charlton is closely identified with The Valley, although it is interesting that young supporters feel the same way.

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