Friday 26 February 2021

Bowyer claims play off hopes are still alive

Bowyer says that Charlton's play off hopes are still alive and he takes responsibility for recent poor performances, but thinks the players need to do the same:

I think that the chances of a play off place are now not good unless there is a major turn round in performances and form (plus a little luck with the woodwork and officials).   Promotion would be a concern because I do not think we are ready, nor would summer signings entirely solve the problem.

The Bowyer in or out debate ultimately becomes irrelevant because he will be here until the summer.  I just think too much emphasis is put on decision-making manager while careless mistakes by the players are discounted.


  1. Agree, this team doesn't look promotion material. It has occurred to me that the player Bowyer most misses from the past two seasons is Josh Cullen. Excellent at sitting in and protecting the centre backs, whilst also having the ball playing ability to start attacks from deep. He anchored the team excellently, was pretty much ever present and rarely put in a poor performance. In fact Charlton's end of season collapse seemed to directly coincide with his noticeable onset of fatigue with the heavy fixture schedule. Watson is probably too similar to Pratley and finding a cultured battler like Cullen is a very difficult thing to do. He's an easily forgotten loss amongst all the more showy players who have moved on in recent years but I think he was the heartbeat of the side and gave it a reassuring stability, helping to tie the whole team together.

  2. I very much agree with what you say about Cullen, we really miss him.