Thursday 11 February 2021

Officials need to be strong in face of Gills

Lee Bowyer insists that the officials have to stand firm in Saturday's derby with Gillingham.  The sanguine supremo thinks that Gillingham got away with an unfair penalty in the 1-1 draw there earlier in the season:

Unfortunately, the standard of refereeing in League One leaves a lot to be desired.   Either they are constantly blowing the whistle or waving the flag or they ignore offences or start responding to them inconsistently.

42-year old Kevin Johnson is in the man in the middle.  He splits his time between League One and League Two.

He is balding which is always a bad sign in my opinion.  However, should anything at the stadium need fixing he is a property maintenance officer.

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  1. Sure as eggs is eggs Evans and his mob will be in the ear of the lino and 4th official seeking to influence them and distract from the agricultural thuggery perpetrated by Scally's thugs.