Friday 5 February 2021

Sandgaard gives no comfort to 'Bowyer out' crowd

Charlton now have one of the best attacks in League One according to owner Thomas Sandgaard:

The doughty Dane recognises that there have been injury problems in central defence. He added, 'We were unable to find central defenders who simply had enough quality. We were fishing for some, but it did not go our way.'

In an implicit rebuke to keyboard warriors who have targeted Lee Bowyer, he pointed out that the beleaguered boss was dealing with a lot of new players.

In relation to excessive expectations he pointed out  that, 'Our focus has primarily been to strengthen the team for the remainder of the season, more than it has been to prepare for life in the Championship.'   The top two looked beyond reach, but a top six finish was possible.

The interview doesn't offer much comfort to the 'Bowyer out now' crowd, rather the contrary.  He notes that promotion to the Championship would leave a lot more work to do, compared with another year in League One.


  1. I'm quite shocked that Sandgaard seems prepared for another season in this crap league.
    I hope his ambition isn't fading along with our season.

  2. It does seem that the season is all but being written off. At the season's end when the out of contracts have gone along with six loan players it will be another rebuild when hopefully some permanent signings can be made to bring some stability and continuity that's been missing most of the season. Sandgaard's supposed ambition of premier league in five years is fanciful without the level of investment in signings and wages that isn't currently possible.

  3. I think that the ambition of the Premier League in five years was never achievable. Apart from anything else the PL is likely to be reduced in size when the European Super League finally gets off the ground. The Championship is now a de facto Premiership 2 and if we went up this year we would struggle and probably go down again. Sandgaard's ambition is not fading, he is just more realistic than many fans. Charlton's chance to be the Arsenal of South London was missed in the late 1930s and late 1940s.