Wednesday 24 February 2021

Retreating to the past

The one thing that has cheered me up during recent performances has been the presence of Curbs on Valley Pass, reminding us of happier days.   There have been great interviews with the likes of Steve Brown, Johnnie Robinson and Morts.   Super Kevin Lisbie will feature on Saturday.

This is therefore a good time to launch the new Charlton Retro site which will look back at the club's history, drawing on articles that I have written for Voice of the Valley (by permission of Rick Everitt) and on my blogs.

The first article is really an overview of Charlton's history, arguing that opportunities were not seized to make Charlton the Arsenal of South London in the period before and after the Second World War:


  1. Interesting article Wyn.
    I began watching Charlton in early 1975, a promotion season from the then third division. Would I have become a supporter if they were a high flying, top flight side, with a smart ground, pretty expensive to get in, I'm not so sure.
    I was happy to pay my 50p at the turnstiles and stand in the rain on the vast East Terrace.
    Appointing Dowie as manager is their biggest mistake for me.

  2. I first went to the Valley in 1946 (aged 15) so lived through the period you summarise so well. Like all supporters I sincerely hope the new new owner achieves his ambitious for the Club
    I'll try and hang around long enough to see that

  3. I will also try and hang around long enough to see it. I agree that appointing Dowie as manager was the biggest mistake. No proper scrutiny of his record, just taken in by a PowerPoint. It was even alleged that he liked an occasional drink.