Friday 26 February 2021

Sandgaard: how my skill set can help Charlton

Thomas Sandgaard talks about buying Charlton when it was 'days away from administration' and talks about the skills he has acquired in his careers that will help him to run the club successfully:

As Sandgaard has announced from Englwood Co. his company Zynex continues to prosper:

Various sources have stated that Sandgaard has declared his support for Lee Bowyer.   This is not the dreaded vote of confidence, it is a sign that he is not beset by the short termism that dominates English football and English life more generally.

If he decides he wants to replace Bowyer, he will have a better choice of available candidates at the end of the season.   The Covered End choir blog has reviewed available candidates and has suggested that most of them would not want to come to a League One club.

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