Monday 22 February 2021

Two midfielders out

Alex Gilbey pulled a hamstring in training on Thursday and is not available for the game against Burton Albion tomorrow night.   Jake Forster-Caskey will also be out for a couple of games.   An assessment will be made about whether Akin Famewo is fit (he understandably looked a bit rusty at Fleetwood, although his stats were good):

Underrated?   Keith Jones

Fans keeping talking about the failure to bring in a central defender, but it seems to me that the midfield often offers insufficient protection to the defence.   People always criticised Keith Jones back in the day, but I think that an intelligent defensive midfielder offers a lot that is not always apparent.

Jake Forster-Caskey in my view is an underrated member of the side, he is an intelligent box-to-box midfielder.   We miss him when he isn't there.

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