Monday 15 February 2021

Bowyer not immune from criticism

In his latest column for the SLP, Benjy Nurick defends Lee Bowyer against what he thinks may be a vocal minority criticising him:

Nurick concludes: 'That isn’t to say, however, that Bowyer is immune from criticism. Valid questions have been asked about his extensive rotation this season while the decision not to pursue defensive reinforcements in January will continue to raise eyebrows until Charlton stop leaking goals.'   [Thomas Sandgaard says that a search was made for a centre back but no one of sufficient quality could be found within the constrains then imposed by the salary cap].

'It’s fair to wonder if his position is the least guaranteed it’s been since taking over. It’s entirely possible that Charlton miss out on the play-offs which would make for a disappointing season any way you look at it. But this summer, Charlton have a chance at something of a fresh slate for the first time in Bowyer’s tenure and it would be rather merciless not to give him the keys to that new beginning. After all, has this rough patch really been bad enough to discredit all the good work he’s done?'

BTW, the 'real statistical evidence' he quotes on the impact of the Valley crowd would not be given the time of day by any statistician.

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