Thursday 11 February 2021

Stockley bothers Gills boss

Charm merchant Gills boss Steve Evans reckons that Charlton are more difficult opposition now that they have signed Jayden Stockley.   The card collecting supremo had hoped to sign Stockley himself, but quickly realised it would require more than a bag full of used fivers and that his target would go to a 'big' club:

It's a smart move by Evans to get his excuses in early, even a draw can then be claimed to have been achieved against insurmountable odds.

Gillingham have a slightly better record on the road than at home, having won five, lost two and drawn five, scoring 16 goals and conceding 15.  They are two places below Charlton in the form table.

Patrick Bauer helped to persuade Jayden Stockley to come to Charlton:

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  1. Steve Evans is a low rent billshutter. This is conference level flannel trying to get the ego going in Charlton's most dangerous player. Come 3pm Saturday Evans will be slagging off Stockley and all in red, berating the officials and trying all the snake in the grass chicanery tp influence the outcome in favour of his shabby rabble and its cynical clogging