Monday 11 April 2022

Dobbo: I will repay Jacko's faith

George Dobson has pledged to repay Johnnie Jackson's faith in him, shrugging off Nigel Atkins's low opinion of him: 

If anything condemns the Atkins diet, it is that.   He gave us a poor start to the season.   We had a bad run under Jacko, but I would like to know how the armchair critics would have dealt with the absence of key players.   I suppose the answer would be 4-4-2 which is supposed to solve everything.

Dobson comes across as a very modest player who just gets on with it.   He says he would like to get a couple of goals a season, but insists he is no Frank Lampard:

For once it's good to see a defensive midfielder being appreciated by fans.   It is actually one of the most challenging positions to play in.  Perhaps I appreciate because my father played at what was then called left half.   However, two unsung heroes at Charlton are 'Squib' Hammond and Keith Jones.

Pessimists are saying that Dobson will be sold over the summer.  I don't think he is very high profile, but clearly any move in that direction by Sandgaard would be very unpopular.


  1. I loved Keith Jones. His man-marking of Gazza in the Middlesbrough game (early 2000s? so long ago) was for me one of the high points of our stay in the Premier League.

  2. I was one of his kit sponsors and even dedicated a book to him. I remember when he scored in a 1-0 win over Liverpool.