Saturday 16 April 2022

Valley of Frustration

Johnnie Jackson admits his frustration at Charlton's performance against Morecambe:

Meanwhile Scott Fraser is the latest player to spend time in the often overcrowded Sparrows Lane treatment room with some kind of knee injury (Jacko doesn't appear to know what it is):

I like to be a glass half full person, but it is getting difficult.   It's so often the case that the team starts well but is not clinical enough to score.  They can't keep up the pace and then the opposition exploit the wide open spaces in our defence.   They need to communicate more instead of wandering round the pitch as if they were on safari.

Many fans insist that the formation is the problem, but I am not sure that we have the defenders for 4-4-2.

I don't want to be the new Acworth, but there is talent in the non-league.   At Leamington we specialise in rehabilitating former league Academy players whose career has stuttered.   A classic example is Colby Bishop whom we sold to Accrington for £10k and has been a leading scorer for them, including against Charlton.   I don't think his initial wages would have been high considering what he was on at the Brakes.


  1. Many Charlton fans on social media have expressed the view that we get an inordinate amount of injuries. Often suggesting some degree of blame lies with our medical staff/training regimes. I have never been sure if that is the case.
    It would be interesting to see the statistics compared to other clubs in League one.

  2. It would be, I don't know of any source of such stats, but I will look around.