Sunday 3 April 2022

Jackson talks about Charlton managers

A long interview with Johnnie Jackson in which he talks about working under Karl Robinson and Lee Bowyer.   I am no fan of Gobby, but Jacko is full of praise for him and no doubt saw a side of him that we didn't (I notice he was complaining about referees once again at the weekend):

He talks about a whole series of managers and in particular he praises José Riga saying he was 'really impressive' and wishes he could have stayed on.  I always thought he was one of the best of the Roland era.

He notes that he could have gone with Bowyer to Birmingham, but has less to say about recent challenges. However, he does say that Sandgaard was 'serious and different to what we had before.'   The fear of players not getting paid went away.

Of course, he is hardly likely to criticise the owner.   I still think we have reason to be grateful to him, but his initial irrational exuberance was unfortunate to say the least and created expectations that could not realistically be met.

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