Monday 30 January 2023

Farwell, then, Jayden Stockley

Jayden Stockley is to join Fleetwood Town on a two and a half year permanent contract:

He will have the chance to score against us on February 11th.

The various departures will probably save a five figure sum each week in wages.


  1. None of the departees has asked to be transferred so it is unlikely there will be any significant savings at all. They'll all be getting compensated for termination of contracts. Their departures reduce uncertainty which has some value but isn't the wholesale cost reduction desired by our disinterested owner.
    Stockers practically guaranteed a hatrick on 11 Feb

  2. I just hope we're looking at a replacement ..............

  3. Fleetwood talking it up as a "substantial" fee
    Hmmm Sounds like expectations spin for the Cod Army
    Most of any funds paid will be Stockley's severance
    Certainly none being reinvested by the clueless martinet skintgaard