Wednesday 2 December 2020

Charlton content in new book

My book on football with Agenda Publishing won't be out until next June, but as well as calling for a properly constituted independent regulator, there will be plenty of Charlton content.

The state’s presence in professional football has been ad hoc and inconsistent. Football has been largely exempt from the development of the regulatory state and has been left to govern itself. However, new media have raised the profile of the game and globalization has created new pressures as clubs become pawns in the ambitions of states and wealthy individuals. Clubs offer an important sense of identity for fans, but the impersonality and distance of ownership can set up new tensions. In addition, corruption in the international governing body has been a significant problem and the sport’s symbiotic relationship with gambling is a concern.

Wyn Grant examines the political economy of football and its uneasy relationship with the market. There are no off-the-shelf solutions for regulation, he argues, but the complexities of the game and its economic size require more attention from government.

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