Friday 18 December 2020

Solly bares his soul

Richard Cawley does some great Charlton interviews and this one with Chris Solly is particularly good:

Of course, Solly is giving his version of events, but it is clear that he is not happy with Lee Bowyer and Steve Gallen who warned him in January that his Valley career was coming to an end.   As he puts it, 'There are still a lot of people at the club I've got a lot of respect for.  The likes of Keithy Peacock, Steve Avory and Chris Parkes - some of the best people I know are working at that club.  I'm grateful and thankful for people like that, who did so much for me.''

For him, Chris Powell was the best boss he played under and Yan Kermorgant was the best player he played with.

Solly is trying to rebuild his career in the non-league at Ebbsfleet United.   I have seen players do that in their early twenties at my non-league club and go on to play in League One or Two, but it is more difficult when you are 29.  Solly has had to postpone his wedding.

I hope this loyal servant of Charlton is able to rebuild his career, but I also respect the right of those in charge to make difficult choices.

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