Sunday 27 December 2020

'Not so bad' says Gunter

Like football fans generally, Charlton fans have high expectations.   Overlooking the summer turmoil that has affected the Addicks ever since given the salary cap, nothing less than an automatic promotion place will do.  In turn that means that every match must be won.

Let no one have any illusions.  This is a very competitive league at the top.

Goal scorer Chris Gunter probably won't win many friends by bringing a touch of realism to the situation:

The Welsh wizard told Richard Cawley: 'We’re close, but not close enough. You can have a couple of these where you draw at home, play quite well and should win.   Overall it’s been an okay half of the season. And if you’re saying it is okay being inside the top six then it’s not the worst position to be in.'

In the next couple of weeks, I have to predict Charlton's final place this season for the West Sussex CASC Badger League.   I will wait to see what happens with transfers, but my best guess at the moment would be 5th.  

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