Thursday 31 December 2020

Gills in for Oshilaja and Levitt's future in doubt

Dylan Levitt's future at Charlton is in doubt, and in my view rightly so given the salary cap.  He hasn't coped too well with the rough and tumble of League One:

It looks as if Manchester United may recall him anyway as they are dissatisfied with his lack of game time which could jeopardise his chances of joining the Welsh squad for the European championships [shome mishtake shurely, ed]:

Interest in Deji Oshilaja from Gillingham is being rebuffed for now by Charlton.  Many Charlton players have, of course, taken the short train trip to the glamorous Medway town.   'Gillingham front, Maidstone rear' the down fast trains used to say in my youth.

The quality of the ownership, the management and the temporary stand need no further comment.

In any case, Richard Cawley has tweeted: 'Charlton not prepared to consider it. Feeling is that Oshilaja is good cover - can play number of positions - especially with heavy fixture schedule ahead.'


  1. Charlton are saying, because of his age, Levitt doesn't count as part of the salary cap !!
    Either way, he's not good enough and should go back.

  2. i drive osijba myself and i dont even drive god hes useless