Monday 28 December 2020

Farewell, then, George Lapslie

George Lapslie has been granted a free transfer by Charlton.   He could well join Mansfield Town where he has done well:

I am sorry to see Lapslie go as I think had potential, but the salary cap imposes some real constraints on Charlton.   One Charlton fan commented: 'Good luck to Lapslie, but he's not good enough for us.'   Another Charlton fan with good judgment said: 'I like George, but he's not shown enough.'

These realities are reflected in a tweet by the SLP''s Richard Cawley: 'With regards to Lapslie, this is just the reality of Charlton having their noses pressed up against the League One salary cap. For them to do business in this window they are going to need to move players on.'

1 comment:

  1. Personally I would have preferred George back. There are other midfielders who aren't doing it for us, they could be dumped off.