Saturday 26 December 2020

Why am I a super sub?

Chuks Aneke has been an impact player from the bench this season, but is not sure why:

He was quite sceptical about Covid-19 before he had it.   Apart from th effects of the virus, he is beset with multiple injuries all over his body.  At least he doesn't need to wear specs to see the goal.

Probably he is too diplomatic to say that he thinks he might come on from the start as many fans would prefer.  However, I doubt whether he can last more than 60 minutes after having Covid-19 and until the transfer window opens, there aren't many options in terms of other impact subs.

However, he is starting against Plymouth today, so what do I know?   Pre-match Curbs said he regarded Aneke as a finisher rather than a substitute.   Would he be the same when the started?  Curbs would prefer to bring him on.

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