Sunday 27 December 2020

Will the season be completed?

On the Football League show this morning the pundits expressed doubts about whether League One could be completed.  For example, Sunderland have 13 players currently out because of Covid-19.

The pundits suggested that all League Two games were on yesterday because clubs there were struggling to pay for the tests and advised players just to go home and isolate if they were feeling poorly.

They also said there was a talk of a so-called circuit breaker.   I cannot offer epidemiological comment, although there is a certain irony that the person I worked with on a study of cattle diseases is now a leading member of SAGE.  I think one lesson I took away from that project is that once a disease is endemic, controlling it is very difficult.

Finishing the leagues last year on a points-per-game basis understandably upset the likes of Tranmere Rovers, but the alternative might be three games a week for some teams.

If you are interested in my former colleague's insights he offers informed comment @GrahamMedley

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