Sunday 20 March 2022

Blackett-Taylor is fine

When Corey Blackett-Taylor was taken off yesterday, negativists immediately said it was another injury, but as I stated in my report it was just a case of not overtaxing him after he had been out for a while.  This has been confirmed by sagacious supremo Johnnie Jackson: 

Blackett-Taylor's future at Charlton poses something of a dilemma.  Yesterday he was not in the match for most of the game then suddenly came alive and scored.  It has been suggested that he was like that at Tranmere.  In the remaining games he needs to show that he can put in a shift across 90 minutes.   I hope he does because I think there is talent and potential there.

1 comment:

  1. In Blacket years defense some does have to pass the ball to him for him to see it.
    In the first half every time they had a choice they went to the right for Claire and Mattews who useless at passing.
    So when they did go left Blacket Taylor did his thin.