Thursday 31 March 2022

Greatest game hero takes charge of Wombles

Mark Bowen is possibly one of the least remembered members of our Greatest Game side, but he did score one of the crucial penalties.   He was on Charlton Live recently.   He was keen on the Charlton job when it became available.

Now he has taken charge of relegation threatened AFC Wimbledon until the end of the season.   After playing away to the Massives on Saturday, next Tuesday the Wombles are at home to Charlton.

No doubt this twice rearranged match will be portrayed as a 'South London derby'.   Many fans were critical of it being postponed again, but we are looking stronger and we want as many points as possible to get a respectable finish.   So no favours for Mark.

Charlton play Lincoln at home on Saturday.   Imps supporters said that when we played up there we were the worst team they had seen all season.   They may have had a point, but hopefully we have improved.

Johnnie Jackson has reiterated his view that it was the right decision to rearrange the match:

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