Wednesday 2 March 2022

Come back Roland, all is forgiven?!

Football fans, particularly Charlton fans, never cease to amaze me.  I often wonder about their decision-making in their day jobs, but I suppose a different side of their personality comes out in football.

A number of fans on social media keep suggesting that life was better when Roland was 'in charge'.  They argue that he provided funds: yes, he did, but they were loans with interest attached.  The interest rate was reasonable, but the club now has a big pile of debt which could still threaten its future.   The first thing that TS has to pay for is the lease on The Valley and Sparrow Lane.

The barmy Belgian had no emotional connection with the club, attending just one match.   His interest was in building a network of European clubs, an idea poorly executed and eventually abandoned.  In the meantime he foisted on us some hopeless continental players (nominated by boy wonder Thomas Driesen) and a merry go round of managers.   Remember Karel Fraeye?

He also appointed a chief executive with no prior experience in football who negotiated some poor contracts with excessive lengths, inflated wages and a lack of sell on deals.   Then we had innovations like the fan sofa which is as naff as it gets.

Perhaps worst of all, he allowed the sale of the club to East Street Investments.  

Some people say that TS doesn't have enough, but people need to wake up and smell the coffee.  A billionaire is never going to come to Charlton.

Some people object to him playing his guitar on the pitch, but if I put millions into a club I would expect some personal benefits.

Some of the money has been poorly spent, but that happens at clubs apart from Charlton.  I was as guilty in many other fans in thinking that Kirk was a good signing.

Last night's results show once again that the clubs below us are not that great and at least four or five of them are clearly worse.

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