Saturday 5 March 2022

Sandgaard's plans disappoint some fans

Thomas Sandgaard has set out his plans for the transfer window which include more loan signings to the disappointment of some fans:

Loan signings have been a mixture of the good (Conor Gallagher), the mixed and the poor.  However, any fan who feels able to fund a new player should contact TS.

TS has also explained that he intends to appoint a new CEO and they do not need to have a football background:

Again the lack of a football background has been criticised by some fans.  TS has argued that he wants the club to run as a real business, but the difficulty is that football is unique sector of the economy and society as I have argued in my book Political Football.   I am prepared to offer a free signed copy of the book to any fan who can identify a credible candidate for CEO (entries of Peter Varney not allowed: also please note that signed copies of the book are worth less than unsigned copies).

Of course, some of us recall our experiences with Katrien Meire.   What always puzzled me about her was that she was a competition lawyer but she never apparently told Roland that his assumptions were flawed in competition policy terms.

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