Wednesday 16 March 2022

Season ticket holders unhappy with Sandgaard

Fan discontent over freebie ticket arrangements at The Valley continues.  It is adding to the volume and intensity of complaints about the Sandgaard regime and I agree that this has not been handled well.

A fan known to me has commented: ‘At the dentist's this morning his assistant asked me, "Were you there last night?" Because she had been there at the game too. She complained about the number of youngsters running about during the game, sitting wherever and generally causing disruption, probably all on free tickets. I want to hear Sandgaard explain why he doesn't think this devalues my season ticket and how he'll persuade me me to renew rather than take the freebies.’

It should perhaps be noted that VOTV editor Rick Everitt has tweeted: ‘For transparency and to be fair, I had a (scheduled) 90-minute meeting with Wayne Mumford this morning at which we discussed the CAFC ticket stuff. It’s clear the club is relearning some of the lessons from the 1990s and 2000s so hopefully we’ll see an end to the recent chaos.’

‘It’s notable that they are finding exactly what we found in the past. It’s just information sharing on my part, to be clear. If it’s useful to the club then I’m happy to do that.’

Some may object to discussions with the Rickster for whatever reason, ranging from his role as leader of Thanet Council to claims that he is really a shape shifting lizard controlled by Bill Gates.  The point is that he has substantial experience of largely successful crowd boosting initiatives following the return to The Valley, not least the Rickshaw service.   There are positive lessons to be learned and mistakes to be avoided.

It would also be useful to talk to former chief executive Peter Varney.

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