Sunday 13 March 2022

Keeper gets public rebuke

Shell shocked supremo Johnnie Jackson has admitted that Craig MacGillivray is not commanding his six yard box:

This was evident yesterday when Accrington keeper Savin was willing to come out of his box to snuff out threats.   Admittedly, there should be better communication and more pace from the Charlton defence as Curbs pointed out.

I didn't want Amos to go, but presumably he had a better offer from Wigan.  Many fans are pinning their hopes for next season on the return of Ashley Maynard-Brewer who impressed at Ross County in the Scottish Premier League before his injury.  The SPL isn't the greatest league in the world, but it is surely as good as League One.

Jacko is clearly baffled by the form of the rest of his players, suggesting it is a confidence problem rather than a lack of effort.  Certainly they seem to train well but then fail to deliver on matchday.

Fans continue to insist that the formation is the problem, but does he have the players for 4-4-2?  I know it's all supposed to be about the manager in modern football, but I think more of the fault rests with the squad, although I was surprised that Gilbey was omitted yesterday,.

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