Saturday 12 March 2022

George Dobson is a rare standout player

Even leading moaners have been able to make only occasional criticisms of George Dobson - and any player makes mistakes or has an off day.  He looks like being voted in as Player of the Year:

Words are cheap, and any player is going to praise a new club, but his commitment to the club comes across to me as genuine.   If people don't believe him, his efforts on the pitch show that he is prepared to give his all.

Nigel Atkins didn't rate him, but that speaks volumes about him as a manager.  Johnnie Jackson could see the quality.

Some fans didn't like Keith Jones because he passed the ball sideways, but sometimes that it was a defensive midfielder has to do.

I have always had a lot of time for relatively unsung players in the midfield engine room, starting with 'Squib' Hammond about whom I had my first football argument with my father.  Later I sponsored Keith Jones and dedicated a book to him.

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