Sunday 13 March 2022

Players must expect fans to be frosty

Johnnie Jackson said that players must expect the kind of frosty reception they got from Charlton fans after yesterday's performance at Accrington:

The keyboard warriors have, of course, been out in force displaying pictures of their coaching badges.  Of course, recent performances have been unacceptable, but changing the manager again is not going to sort things out at this stage.  The task now is survival and a clear out in the summer.   JJ's performance will be reviewed as part of that.

It's been a great weekend for fans who like to wallow in gloom and predict relegation.  I stand with Steve Brown who said there is enough quality in the squad to get the needed few additional points (remember there are other teams that are rubbish).   I don't think we'll beat in form Gillingham, but I am hopeful of a point.

If we did get relegated, one bonus might be that we would shed some of the moaners who don't realise how bad things have been in the past and go down to a core of loyal fans.


  1. Sorry Mr Grant, I have to disagree relegation is never good for what ever supposed theoretical benefit. I remeber all the rubbish about how relegation from the prem would be good as we could rebuild in the championship. then they said the same again on relegation from the championship.

  2. Clearly there are a lot of negatives that outweigh any positives, not least the standard of football in League Two, at least there are some decent teams in League One. The comment was tongue in cheek. We would need a different sort of manager in League Two.

  3. We can hardly afford to lose more fans. We've lost about half already.