Sunday 27 March 2022

Gobby gives it large

Karl Robinson was one of the pundits on the Football League Show this morning.  To be fair, he was better than a football dinosaur like Ian Holloway.   He was quite generous in his remarks (other than for referees) although subtitles would sometimes have helped.

The pundits agreed that Charlton had improved since they had a forward line, noting that Charlton had been unbeaten in the last eight games when both Washington and Stockley were playing.   Robinson rightly highlighted Stockley's key role in defence.  I was pleased that he was captain yesterday.

These points seem to have escaped the goldfish manning their keyboards and demanding that Jacko be replaced immediately, trotting out clichés such as 'It's a results business.'   Football is certainly a short-term business in a country afflicted by short termism.

I have managed to get an appointment in May to talk to my orthopedic surgeon about my left knee, no doubt paying the price for choosing orienteering as a youthful sport.  I had the right knee done four years ago under a regional anaesthetic.   This seemed to involve a lot of hammering and carpentry.   I realise now that I should have given the surgeon a running commentary on his work, urging him to give it more welly.

A new accolade for Charlton is that they top the yellow cards table across all leagues with 99, indeed it could be 100 next week.   Some might see this as evidence of the referees' conspiracy against Charlton identified by both my mother and Gobby.   Or it could be that we give away too many unnecessary fouls.

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