Monday 14 March 2022

Lyle Taylor gives it large

In a two page feature in The Football League Paper Lyle Taylor celebrates his bromance with Lee Bowyer and makes it clear what he thinks about Charlton fans.

Talking about Bowyer, the Blues loan player says: 'Lee Bowyer is the reason I am here.  No disrespect to Birmingham City, but I wouldn't be here if he wasn't the manager.'

'We have a relationship that is not just football.  We've had a good relationship ever since I first met him, we just get on.  Speaking to him is very easy.   There's a lot of respect mutually.  I've got a lot of time for him as a man and a manager.'

The article notes 'Bowyer guided Taylor to the best time of his career with 32 goals in 58 league games at Charlton, but it ended in headlines with Taylor refusing to play.'

In my view that was unprofessional, but the charm merchant clearly has a different view.  'There was no straining of the relationship [with Bo].  He, as well as the players, said in my position it was really difficult to play.  Every man and his dog had an opinion on what I did.  I care for so few of those opinions.'

'You can call me whatever you want, because that's been done throughout my career.  My relationship with the manager didn't change.  It didn't change when Charlton were relegated, he didn't hold me accountable.  It wasn't my fault and I don't really feel we need to keep going over it.'

As for his spell at Forest, Taylor says 'I was climbing Everest in a pair of flip-flops and speedos.'

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