Saturday 13 October 2018

Are we in limbo?

The wake at Brighton Racecourse on Thursday for Vernon Roper provided an opportunity to talk with fans, some whom I had not seen for a while, about the state of the club, as well as reminisce about Vernon. One fan challenged me to predict what would happen.

If I was Roland, I would cut my losses and take what I could get (within reason). But I am not Roland and I am not as obdurate a him, and hopefully I have a smaller ego. He seems to a great exponent of the view, if you are in a hole, keep digging.

One fan sagely remarked, 'I think we are in a period of limbo really, notwithstanding the run of wins in September. It does look as if the squad has been found out again and while I think Bowyer has done well it’s unreasonable to expect him to work miracles.'

Historically, limbo is a place outside heaven and hell (not to be confused with purgatory which involves 999 years of watching Palace: incidentally, I see their chairman has been giving it large in the 'i' this morning on the boost football will get from Brexit). Brian remarked that wherever Vernon had gone, he would have already have formed a CASC branch and be organising a minibus.

It's Non-League Day so I am going to see Leamington play Curzon Ashton. Curzon who? my bestie reminded me yesterday in between berating me for my route selection to get across the Leam (it's the equivalent in more ways than one of going south of the river in London and just three bridges).

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  1. Talking to my friends in Belgium , their has been a recent scandal involving football agents and bribery anyway dear Roland was put up as a visionary wanting to do away with agents !