Tuesday 23 October 2018

Not me guv, says Muir

In a long interview about his philanthropic interests in The Australian, essentially a PR puff, Australian Andrew Muir says he was 'erroenously' linked with a bid for 'lower league soccer club' Charlton Athletic. The article can be found here: LinkedIn

That seems a bit odd, given he was pictured at the ground wearing a scarf long after his involvement was highlighted and has made this statement less than six months after he turned up at The Valley with consortium members.

You couldn't make it up.

'Jimmy Seed' has tweeted: 'Just wanted to confirm that the Aussie consortium has not folded, and Andrew Muir still a part of it, in the background. Reason for lack of comms is still the non-disclosure agreement. Ignore the rumours.'

But, as someone responded, is it a rumour when it comes out of his mouth?


  1. Does make you wonder whether it was Muir's withdrawal that suddenly tipped the Aussie's bid and left them short of funds....

  2. Is there any news on Richard Murray's credibility? That seems to have disappeared as well.

    Luv Robin