Wednesday 17 October 2018

EFL silent on meeting with Roland

The English Football League has held its meeting with Charlton owner Roland Duchatelet. The meeting did not take place in London, but in Brussels.

Richard Cawley of the SLP has been trying to get information from the EFL Press Office for 48 hours, but without success. On Thursday he tweeted that they would not be issuing a statement on the meeting at this time.

The EFL did issue a statement in August, albeit a rather brief one, saying that the meeting was going to take place.

The statement did point out 'In the context of any debate relating to operational decisions taken by a club, it is important to make the point that these matters are determined by the individual Boards and Executive teams at each our 72 member clubs.'

CAS Trust had what they regarded as a productive meeting with the EFL which did confirm that there is still documentation to be submitted by the Australians: Productive meeting

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