Wednesday 3 October 2018

Takeover update

The club has issued a takeover update after a special fans' forum on the subject: Takeover update

The Australians are apparently not all Australians, but whether some of them are Kiwis or from some remote Pacific island is unclear. Apparently they still have a few pieces of paperwork to submit. Why this should be the case is unclear. Indeed, the EFL said this was not an issue so someone is being economical with the actualité.

The second party has been more active in the sense that they have been on the dog, but want to stay off the radar. Make of this what you will.

Three other parties have expressed interest, although two of them sound like time wasters. They are undertaking due diligence. They are from elsewhere in Europe which could mean anywhere from Portugal to Finland.

It's all as clear as Thames mud.

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