Tuesday 2 October 2018

Was Roland a visionary before his time?

I have long believed that Roland was inspired by a European Commission vision of using football as an integrating force. Since he developed his network idea, the pressures of the migrant crisis and other problems have meant that the Commission has taken its eye off this particular ball. It was also pushed by a European commissioner who supported a village team in Luxembourg and was behind the introduction of transfer windows. I attended a talk she gave in Luxembourg some years ago.

Barcelona used to be noted as a different kind of club, owned by 145,00 fans. However, it is now rampantly commercial. Its president is pressing for a European super league and for La Liga matches to be played in the States: Global vision

Roland's vision was, of course, European rather than global. It was always moules and frites rather than anything more exotic. But, to recall my theology lessons at St. Margaret's Church of England school, Plumstead Common, was Roland's role to be John the Baptist?

Or did he just have an over sized ego?


  1. If Roland were John the Baptist, he'd just blame Jesus for everything he did wrong.

  2. With the best will in the world, I really really hope your tongue is firmly lodged in your cheek, Wyn? It is, isn't it?

  3. I'd settle for his head on a plate.

  4. Of course it's tongue in cheek.

  5. Where's Salome when you need her?