Saturday 20 October 2018

No Aussie takeover claim

While I was enjoying my brunch this morning at the GMT café in East Greenwich, I was approached by an informant wearing a wide brimmed hat. Despite this mode of dress, I recognised him as a reliable source.

He told me that the Australian takeover of Charlton was over. The consortium of twenty was not able to agree what their respective roles should be with all of them wanting a share of the action. Andrew Muir could afford to buy the club himself, but did not wish to do so.

My confidence in the consortium evaporated like the Murray-Darling river some time ago. However, there is no one else who is credible on the horizon as far as I can tell.


  1. So lets get on with it and support the team,RD is not getting involved and as long as he lets the people employed to do the job we have a great chance of going up.

  2. I agree that we should focus on supporting the team, it could do with some strengthening in January if we are going to make a successful promotion push.